Pump That Blackcat Spirit Up!


Lexis Mills (11) and team preforming the "Pump" cheer.

Lucy Pham, Writer

December marks the start of the winter season for sports! When you think of a winter sport, you’d often think of basketball, and the occasional Scholar Bowl, but don’t forget who cheers them on in the sidelines. The Cheer Team!

December 11 was the second appearance of the team for the winter season, but don’t underestimate how long they’ve been practicing for theses chants and performances! Contrary to belief, the team has actually been working on the current cheers since December 2018, and all throughout the summer! Personally I can’t even dedicate myself to something for more than a few weeks, so imagine practicing something for more than a year. As a result, the team has 8 new cheers ready for the season, so make sure to listen in if you’re at a game.