Humans of Fredmo: Bryce Johnson

Allie Moon, Writer

Bryce goofily tries on his cousin’s glasses in eighth grade.

Bryce Johnson is a sixteen year old sophomore who enjoys fishing, hunting, spending time with his grandpa, playing and watching sports, and listening to music.

Bryce thoroughly enjoys hunting and was just five years old when he hunted for the first time. Since his birthday, being in November, falls during deer season, he usually goes hunting for his birthday. When he was eight years old, he got a  175 pound five pointer, setting his record for biggest deer killed. He has never competed in a hunting competition, but isn’t opposed to the idea. His favorite hunting weapon is a 30-6 rifle and he enjoys hunting either alone or with his grandpa. When asked what he enjoys most about hunting, he replied, “Everything!”

Bryce also loves spending time fishing. His favorite fishing spot is Cascade bridge. The heaviest fish he has ever caught was four pounds and six ounces. His favorite fishing lure is a rattle trap. His favorite type of fish to catch is a black bass, which he has caught the most of. The thing he enjoys most about fishing is the bonding time he gets with his grandpa.

Bryce’s favorite sport is baseball. His favorite sports teams are the Kansas City Chiefs and the St. Louis Cardinals. His plans after high school are to become a carpenter, marry his current girlfriend, and have a beautiful family. His personal hero is his grandpa. He loves the show Ridiculousness. His favorite school year was his freshmen year.

Bryce’s favorite quote: “Lock the door, spill your heart, never lie!” -unknown