Fredericktown Baseball: Perryville Game


Keira Haferkamp, Writer

The April 27, 2021 Fredericktown baseball game was a close one. The ending score was 2-5, a win for the Perryville Pirates. They tied the score up in the middle of the game and it was 2-2 for 3 innings. Our Blackcats played very well and held up their own throughout the entire game with good plays and getting out of each inning very quickly. They did not let up until the very end and continued to keep their energy strong until the game finally ended.

Our junior varsity played very strongly as well. Some of the junior varsity players got some good hits and Jerry Couch (11) also got 2 doubles during the game which helped clear the bases and get some runs in for our JV baseball team. The ending score for junior varsity was 5-6 with another win for the Pirates. Though the Blackcats baseball team has gotten off to a rough start, they still have quite a few games left. The team has many more chances to redeem their win record during other games, tournaments, and opportunities that they can possibly take advantage of.

Our team is overflowing with potential, talent, and athletic ability. All of our boys will go on to do great things even after the baseball spring season is over with. Many of our kids balance good grades, practices or games every day, and other sports that can put a lot of stress on them. However, somehow our boys manage all of these things and keep a great attitude.

Overall, this Perryville-Fredericktown home game was a very good one. The boys stayed focused and kept their head in the game the whole time. They played hard and did the best they could along with giving an amazing game for our Blackcat baseball team.