2021 Spring Athletic Banquet


Loren Kinkead (12) and Mr. Carver making jokes to each other.

Keira Haferkamp, Writer

The spring sports season is coming to an end. We are all very proud of our boys and girls that participated in spring sports this 2020-2021 season. They did very well and tried their hardest in everything they played. Even with COVID-19 and all of the restrictions, our student athletes did very well in adapting to these difficult conditions and dealing with everything in a responsible way.

During the banquet, a lot of people got plaques and rewards for being team leaders, highest personal records, and having the best scores. All of these people are very appreciative for the rewards and achievements they have been given and recognized for. The Fredericktown seniors were very proud and grateful for this amazing season they have been involved with. We will miss our seniors and wish them the best with college and any college sports they become a part of.

Last night was especially emotional for the Fredericktown track team. The team’s throwing coach, Mr. Pierson, has been coaching for 23 years and is now retiring from our Fredericktown track team. We will all miss Coach Pierson and wish him the best as he leaves our school. Some of the kids even got him a gift or two to celebrate and remember all of the good times they had with him.

Overall, the night of the 2021 Spring Athletic Banquet was a good one. With the special awards, seniors leaving and playing at colleges, and Mr. Pierson retiring, it was definitely a night to remember. Everyone was very proud of each other and made sure this night was a special for every person who played this season. It means a lot to our players when they get awards or special individual announcements and its always nice to see the smiles on their faces when they get these rewards.