Allie Bloom

Caleb Weber (11) playing his heart out on a Friday night.

Band takes a lot of patience and practice. Most of the kids in band have been doing it since middle school. This year the band has got significantly larger. With the new freshman coming up, they have definitely made the band bigger and better. Junior Erin Watkins says, “I have always been in band since my 6th grade year. It has been an amazing experience, listening and practicing different musical pieces presented by our talented band directors over the course of the years. Thank you for the directors that influenced my talent and passion for music.”

There are so many different opportunities in band. For instance the various different interments you can choose from. I interviewed Corgan Gerler, a sophomore in band. What instrument do you play? “I play the flute.” What is your favorite part about band? “Probably the football games and all the fun we have!” How long have been in band? “I’ve been doing band ever since it was an option which was 6th grade year.” How much time do you guys spend practicing? “We practice everyday in class for around 45 minutes to prepare for our performances.”

Band plays a very big part in every football game. They hype up the crowd and entertain via formations and creative music. This year the band’s theme was Star Wars. They marched out onto the field and played “The Jedi Steps” and “Finale.” Most if not all the kids in band love doing this and had a ton of fun doing it. This performance inspired the crowd, with some considering to join band in the future. If you ever think about joining band, you should!

As stated earlier, the band has gotten much bigger just in the past year. However, a bigger band makes for a better show! They have played through a lot of cold, windy, and even rainy nights. With that being said, the band has done a great job this year. We look forward to their future performances! They can only get better from here.