Band: Contest

Molly Sikes, Editor

On March 13, our Blackcat concert band made their way to the University of Southeast Missouri’s river campus to perform pieces that they have been working on since the before Christmas break. At the contest, bands from all over the Southeast first performed for judges then entered another room for a sight reading test. In the sight reading test, the bands had six minutes to go over a song they have never seen before and then perform it for a judge when they are finished.

The scoring at contest is on a scale of 1-5, a 1 being the absolute best score a band can get. In past years, our band typically receives a two overall, but it varies. This year, in the performance section, the band received a three overall, and in sight reading, they received another three.

The band director, Mr. Politte, has already begun work to improve future scores. The band has been working on some exercises to better the band’s performance as a unit. Mr. Politte says that we are often conditioned to work as individuals and embrace uniqueness, but in a band it is important to flow the same as everyone else for an effective performance. You can catch the band’s next performance at the spring concert or at the Azalea parade in May!