Anime Club: Fun For Everyone!

Malayna Elrod, Writer

This year Anime Club is thriving with fun activities! What exactly is anime club? Anime club is a really fun base class for high school students that meets after school from 3-5 on Mondays and Wednesdays. What does Anime Club do? In Anime Club, they enjoy Japanese culture through watching anime, reading and studying manga, hosting interactive guests, creating fundraisers, celebrating holidays, learning about traditions, cosplaying, learning themed Japanese words each month, and forming a close-knit nerd community with similar interests.

This week, Anime club had some really cool activities planned. On Monday, they had a group of professional cosplayers come in to teach the students tricks of the trade by bringing material samples, answering questions, and sharing their experiences and advice.  On Wednesday, their guest that they raised money for, Samurai Dan, came in to show off his samurai skills with test cutting, teaching the members basic sword combat skills with practice ones, self-defense, and also bringing his Japanese Akita, Kiba, a lovely and proud breed of dog.

Anime club also has some upcoming events. April 4th is Golden week, where they will be making basic but tasty Japanese dishes with a cooking guest, learning about the different types of bento boxes, and celebrating with an indoor picnic with cherry blossoms, chopsticks, eating, and karaoke. They also will be having a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) camp with a local LARP group as a field trip, using imagination to create and become characters in a safe combat setting while going on a grand quest at the park. On their last day, May 2nd, they will be presenting gifts to their seniors, making two crafts for the summer holidays, passing the torch to their newest officers, and having a cosplay contest with judges.

If you are interested in joining anime club, you may talk to Mrs.Cook or Mrs. Comnick for more details.