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Academic Amazement

JV Scholar Bowl posts scores within a question or two difference against competitors
Isaac Rolens
Matthew Heady (10), Matthew Rehkop (10), Norah Miller (9), and Shelby Kennedy (10) thinking about the question said.

Scholar Bowl is an astonishing sport focused on intellect, remembrance skills, and teamwork. The questions differ from Greek mythology to mathematical equations. The Fredericktown JV team, who are coached by Mr. Daniels, went against Arcadia Valley JV on January 18th. There are always 2 teams of 4 players that are in front of the judges, ready to hear the question. After the question is stated, there is a limited amount of time to answer it until play goes on to the next topic.

The first team consisted of Carter Hale (10), Quinton Warren (10), Molly Clauser (9), and Sophie Haferkamp (9). The first round started off well as Fredericktown got a 5-2 lead, with the teams strong suits being Greek mythology and history, but later in the match the questions got more complex, and Arcadia Valley came back to get a plentiful amount in a row. The second team, which had Shelby Kennedy (10), Matthew Rehkop (10), Matthew Heady (10), and Norah Miller (9), were up to answer the questions after halftime ended. As the game finished, the score was close, but Fredericktown lost the first round. The final score was 230 to 220.

The second round of JV was against Valle Catholic. The students did their best but could not beat the opposing team. The final score was close as it was a 20 point difference, 110 to 90.

The last game was against Caledonia. Throughout the night there were academic battles in which Fredericktown unfortunately came up short, and that is the case for the 3rd and final round of the night as Caledonia won 210 to 190, another 20-point difference.

If the first match of the academic season taught the players anything, it’s that they have room to grow and succeed in every subject. The scores were very close, which means that we still did very well no matter what the points say. Fredericktown tried their best, and that’s all that matters. As the season carries on, we will achieve more victories by studying the losses.



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Isaac Rolens, Writer
Isaac Rolens was born into a faith-based family. Isaac loves to hang out and have fun whenever he can. Basketball is really what keeps him together even if he doesn't play, watching and filming is all he needs. Isaac is very open and indulged in making you a friend once you get to know him. He thinks everyone deserves trust unless they prove him wrong. Isaac is also open to any kind of talk, whether it's personal or not.