Possible Dual Credit and Enrollment Changes Being Considered

Malayna Elrod, Writer

At this time of the year, changes are being considered with the MAC Dual Credit program. The following recommendations were talked about at the March 2018 Board of Trustees for Mineral Area College with regards to dual credit and dual enrollment. These are the preliminary changes that are taking place. These decisions are not made final until after the meeting on April 20th.

  • Mineral Area College will be reducing tuition from $89 per credit hour to $58 per credit. This will be effective for the Fall semester of 2018 for both dual credit and dual enrollment. All students will be elligable for the new tuition rate regardless of their ACT scores. This reduction in tuition is in Lieu of MAC waiving a portion of the tuition for students who have an ACT score of 21 or higher. Students will still have to meet placement requirments for individual math, reading, and english courses.
  • High schools may opt and continue to pay a portion of the tuition for students attending their high school based on the schools specific needs. MAC will work with each high school opting to pay a portion of the student’s tuition with regards to posting high school scholarships, communication with and parents, and timely posting of the account balances for accurate billing.
  • MAC will no longer cap classes to the 42-hour general education block which means that students can choose to take any class of choice and receive the $58 dual credit or enrollment rate. However, students are strongly encouraged to meet with an adviser from MAC if they are pursuing hours beyond the 42-hour general education block. Students are also encouraged to consult with transfer institutions to ensure they are taking appropriate coursework for their field of study.

Mineral Area College is extremely hopeful by reducing the dual credit and enrollment to a lower tuition rate and removing scholarships with ACT requirements so that more students will have access to early college opportunities.