Ready, Set, Amp Up!


Cody Rpdger and Rion Fuson playing the VR games.

Lizzie Crouch, Editor

This is it! The last moment the class of 2022 will be spending with one another. The night of graduation or more commonly known as Project Grad is a sentimental experience but also a blast for all the graduates. After all the pictures, the speeches, and the hours of sitting, the seniors get to attend a night of fun. This year’s Project Graduation was held at an action park called Amp Up! This place was decked out from the ceiling to the floor holding an elaborate ropes course and a winding go-kart track. On top of all of that, Amp Up also has axe throwing, laser tag, and tons of enticing arcade games.

The senior parent group worked tirelessly on this year’s fundraisers for Project Graduation, raising a copious amount of money to send the new graduates off with some awesome gifts. All of them were given a gift bag filled with the basic necessities for any college-bound student: a mouse along with a pad, stress ball, portable charger, flash drive, and a first aid kit.

On top of this, they were also put into a prize drawing that had gift cards to every place you could imagine, fancy electronics, and everything you need to move out of your parent’s place! To boost the morale for the fundraisers, the graduates also got the opportunity to put their names into the drawing more than once by coming to the meetings or participating in the activities to raise money. This made a tremendous difference in the probabilities of getting their names drawn because there were multiple graduates who repeatedly won prizes all night long. Jadon Polete, Caleb Sarakas, Brandon Dowd, Libby Montgomery, Matthew Starkey, Belle Hanshew, and Makayla Tourville were some of the lucky graduates who won the most prizes. It can be easily said the others were jealous when these graduates walked out with TVs, Airpods, Nintendo Switches, laptops, and even kayaks.

All in all, the night was a huge success. One parent who played a big role was Jamie Francis, who is a special needs teacher at FHS, and she says, “If the seniors left there having had a good time and they made more memories with their classmates for the last time, then the goal was reached.”