FCCLA Takes on Another FHS Idol!


Mattie Miller

All of the FHS Idol performers standing before the judges, awaiting to find out who will be the winner.

Lizzie Crouch, Editor

For over 15 years Fredericktown’s Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) club has hosted a special event for all the students at FHS to enjoy. The spectacular production that they host is always the most entertaining assembly of the year. They call their show FHS Idol, which exemplifies the talents that hide in the halls of FHS.

FHS Idol is not just a regular talent show; FCCLA works hard to keep the crowd entertained in a variety of ways. In previous years they have done minute-to-win-it games and trivia questions. This year FCCLA members Ava Kemp (11) and Ella Clauser (10) were in charge of the entertainment and announcing. Between acts, they would engage the crowd by telling a series of holiday puns.

Nevertheless, these jokes were only made as an intermission between acts, and not to take away from the real purpose of the show. This year FHS idol held five different acts that showcased the talents of eight students at FHS. They all went through a tenacious audition on December 12th, making it through the challenging cuts FCCLA directors had to make. The FCCLA club organizer, Mrs. Mungle, stated, “There was a great turnout, but we were really looking for the ones that were the most prepared and comfortable performing in front of an audience.”

The acts that made it through were Abby Kinkead (11), playing an original piece on the piano; Ania McLaughlin (12) and Mikaela Thompson (12), singing “More Hearts than Mine” by Ingrid Andress; Nakota Saphian (9) and Brandi Curtis (9), singing “Stay” by Rihanna; Isaiah Mayhew (9), playing the popular Christmas song “Carol of the Bells” on the guitar; and Andrew Cox (10) and Will Prater (10), performing an original song.

Each performance ended in a roar of cheers from the student body. During the more energetic performances like Abby’s and Isaiah’s instrumental acts, the fans got even more enthusiastic. The opposite reaction came from the crowd for the solemn songs Ania, Mikaela, Nakota, Brandi, Andrew, and Will sang. Nevertheless, the crowd enjoyed these acts just as much, flashing their lights and swaying with the rhythm of the song.

The judges had a difficult choice to make at the end of the spectacle. They declared Abby Kinkead as runner-up and Nakota Saphian and Brandi Curtis as overall winners of the 2022 FHS Idol!