Catwalking: Thanksgiving Edition


Mrs. Cook

StuCo cooks up a twist on a favorite restaurant’s ad for their Thanksgiving bulletin board design.

Molly Sikes, Editor

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, its important to know what truly defines the holiday: food, family, and fun. I gathered several of our students’ opinions on our favorite Thanksgiving traditions.

  1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
    1. Freshman: Livia Kemp – Mashed potatoes
    2. Sophomore: Patrick Sikes – Pumpkin pie
    3. Junior: Libby Mooney – ALL of it
    4. Senior: Clemens Novak – Mashed potatoes
  2. What is your family’s Thanksgiving tradition?
    1. Freshman: Kezaray Rogers – Just dinner
    2. Sophomore: Sophia Shetley – My mom’s family comes and visits from Ohio
    3. Junior: Aaron Cooper – Eat lots of food
    4. Senior: Ryska Berkbuegler – Pizza and movies
  3. Where do you have Thanksgiving dinner?
    1. Freshman: Faith Smothers – My grandma’s house
    2. Sophomore: Ava Chapman – My house
    3. Junior: Mackenzie Casey – My grandparents’ house an hour away
    4. Senior: Easton Elrod – At my house; it’s in the middle of everyone
  4. Is it okay to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving?
    1. Freshman: Zachary Stevens – Absolutely.
    2. Sophomore: Emilee Goldsmith – I have to say no.
    3. Junior: Hunter Bellew – No.
    4. Senior: Kahner Hitchcock – Well, yeah.
  5. What is the best weather for Thanksgiving day?
    1. Freshman: Tyler Sherrill – Hot and sunny
    2. Sophomore: Liz Hinkle – Not too cold, but okay to go outside
    3. Junior: Lidia Myers – Super cold and raining
    4. Senior: Colton Helms – A little snowy