Barnwarmin’ 2018


Molly Sikes

Autumn Settle and Ivan Smallen: Barnwarmin’ queen and king

Molly Sikes, Editor

On December 7, FFA held their annual Barnwarmin’ dance. The dance is held every year to celebrate FFA members’ hard work on their fruit sales. The chairmen for the event had been planning, buying, and decorating for two whole weeks prior to the event. Autumn Settle, chairman for Barnwarmin’, had felt extremely rewarded after the event. ” I felt like all my hard work paid off after doing everything.” She also expressed her excitement for the high involvement and turnout for this year compared to other years.

Not only is Autumn a treasurer and a chairman, but now also a queen. As any other dance would, the FFA dance chose candidates to be voted for king and queen. The FFA members chose one girl and boy candidate from each grade, then voted for the overall winner at the dance. This year’s candidates were freshmen Lily Penwell and Wyatt Smith, sophomores  Arika Buxton and Gabe Greunke, juniors Libby Mooney and Coby Rouse, and seniors Autumn Settle and Ivan Smallen. The winners of the crown turned out to be the two seniors.

Along with the coronation, other traditions must be carried out every year. The first tradition is the snowball dance, in which a few members are dancing out on the floor, and they grab someone from the sideline to dance with them. That person gets someone else to dance with them, and so on. This is a way to get attendees to loosen up and start the fun for the night. Another tradition are the games that the members play at the dance. The games can vary, but this year they played a hula hoop game and ships and sailors.

The Barnwarmin’ dance is definitely a special event at this school, and it is the biggest event to FFA. Every year, the program grows, and so does the dance. It certainly was one of the most fun dances I’ve ever attended, and I highly recommend it to FFA members that have not yet gone.