Keep Calm and Cheer On: The Pressure of Cheerleading


Molly Sikes

Leah Lindsey shows her spirit at a home game against Doniphan

Malayna Elrod, Writer

Imagine performing tricky stunts in front of all your fellow peers and parents, all eyes on you. Would you be able to do it? Being a cheerleader takes a lot of confidence, energy, and bravery. Cheerleaders have to be able to not only be on time when performing, but they have to communicate with each other and the crowd as well. For example, The flyer has to be able to communicate with her base so that they catch her on time. Communicating can be hard when you are surrounded by noise and everyone is watching you.  They also have to deal with moving on when a mistake happens. If you forget a move, it’s important to keep going and to not completely give up.

Our Fredericktown Blackcats Basketball Cheer team are great performers who definitely have pep in their step. I asked Leah Lindsey what piece of advice can she give to the other girls about being able to perform in front of a big audience.  She replied, “If you mess up, don’t make it obvious.”

Leah Lindsey is one of the senior cheer members on the team and the cheer captain. She has been cheering for a very long time and definitely knows how to perform. She’s had her moments in cheering where things don’t go right, but she says “Nobody’s perfect, and the fact that you are up in front of everyone takes a lot of courage. You will be okay.” Leah encourages anyone who wants to join the squad to step up and do it! How bad could it be? You’re only in high school for four years!