Weightlifting Meet 2k19

Freshman, Wyatt Smith, power cleaning.

Emilee Goldsmith, Writer

The Fredericktown Weightlifting classes participated in a meet at North County on February 21st. There were many ranges of ages that got to participate in these activities with many things to do. There are different divisions depending on many things such as height, weight, and how much the individual can lift. The categories that we participated in this year were standing broad jump, shuttle run, bench press, and power clean.

During a standing broad jump, the participant tries to jump as far as they can from a stationary position. Normally it is a few feet away from them. This year, freshman Ashlyn Hersey participated on the JV team. He got first in his division with, 7’8 and 7/8. Senior, Blaine Fingers participated on Varsity. He got first in his division with, 9’6.

In a shuttle run, the person runs down to a cone and back twice trying to get the fastest time they can. Sophomore Mason Adams participated in this section on JV. He finished with a time of, 4.93 seconds and got fourth in his division. Senior, CJ Lord also participated on Varsity and got first with the time of, 4.16 seconds in his division.

During bench pressing, participants have a certain weight they have to lift and it is set for the person specifically. You lay down and take the certain amount of weight and lift it up and down as many times as you can. This year Fredericktown didn’t have anyone get first but they did have people score very high. Sophomore Seth McDowell participated on JV for this event and scored fourth with 239 pounds in his division. Senior A.J. Orman participated on Varsity and scored third with 246 pounds in his division.

During power cleaning, the person starts with the amount of weight they can hold on the ground and then jump while trying to flip the bar up so that they end up with it by their chest. Ashlyn Hersey also participated in this section, and got first with 200 pounds in his division. AJ Orman also participated in this section, and got first with 275 pounds in his division.

Before the students get to participate in the weight meet, they have to train for it. During the first semester of school they have to start building up their muscles. Only the people at the top of the class get to go to the weight meets, but the coach can let anyone go if he thinks they would do well in the division. Next school year, Fredericktown will be adding another offer for weightlifting. There will be a class for more advanced people that are very serious about lifting, and one for people that just want to take the class for a credit. There are no other meets this year, but some years they get to go to state by a coach’s invite. Watch out for the weight meets next year to see how good our school does!