Playing Together One Last Time


Emilee Goldsmith

Blackcats getting ready to start the game with a meaningful talk.

Emilee Goldsmith, Writer

The Fredericktown baseball team finished off the season with a 10-11 record. That only leaves only districts May 10th through the 18th. This season they have had a lot of problems with the weather, but despite their setbacks, they have pushed through to end the season. Even after not getting to play almost half of their games, they still made the most of the season.

Junior Russell Matthews finished off the season with his goal. He got a better batting average than last year, and he also has the best average on the team. Junior Jeffrey Couch is very proud of his team for pushing hard this season and getting the record they have. This year the baseball team has six seniors. Some of these seniors have scholarships to go play for a college. They are all very excited to see where it takes them. With the rest of the team here and already excited for the next season, they are also feeling the hurt of losing their friends. With a team you spend a lot of time. In the end they aren’t just your team anymore; they are your family. They spend almost every day after school together for around an hour or so. They make friends they never knew they would. In the end they got to leave with more than they started with, and that is what matters the most to this team. They know that if they don’t play together, they won’t be able to put forth their best effort. They need this for a successful game and a successful season.

For districts, they play De Soto at Ste. Genevieve at 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 11. How they play determines when they play next. Don’t lose your chance while you have it! Go out and support the team before they close their season. Also keep a lookout for the seniors to see where they end up playing in college!