Homecoming Cheer

Alex Harris, Writer

What would a cheerleader say to a ghost?

Show your spirit!

That’s what the cheerleaders asked us to do at the Homecoming pep rally on October eleventh. Aside from the amazing and spectacular performance that was choreographed by recent graduate Hope Turnbeau, they riled up all the students for a scream off. Spoiler, it was the sophomores that beat the seniors.

Later that day, at around seven pm, the football homecoming game had started, the temperature already below fifty. The girls had cheered and cheered the entire time. The entire game was played in very cold weather, but the girls had worn tracksuits, not that it kept them as warm as they’d liked.

During the halftime show, the cheerleaders performed the same dance, wearing skirts! In the freezing cold, these girls danced and cheered, no tights on underneath the skirts or anything. They did amazing nonetheless. As the night went on, the temperature dropped, all of the girls were freezing cold.

Once the night was over, questions were asked, such as what inspired them to be a cheerleader. When asked, Kimi Rodruiguez answered, “My sister inspired me to be a cheerleader.”

Allie Moon said, “The movies Bring It On and my cousin Courtney.”

Leah Suzanne said, “Well I’ve always loved watching the NFL and watching the cheerleaders and how much fun they had, and I love just having fun getting the crowd hyped and with us about our football players.”

Lexis responded, “I started with dance and then watching the bring it on movies made me change to cheer when I got into middle school and I’ve loved it ever since.”

The football cheerleaders are ending their season at the football game next Friday against the East Prairie Eagles. This will be seniors night for the football team. They’ll enjoy two weeks off. They’ll make a return during the basketball season.