Feel Good Week 2020

Paxton Clark, Writer

Feel Good Week: a full school week dedicated to loving yourself and others, kindness, and just all around positivity. The week and all of its events, decorations, and dress-up days are decided on by Student Council. These students start planning for Feel Good Week way in advance so that everything will be perfect.

Walking down the hallways of Fredericktown High School starting Monday, March 2nd, students were greeted with huge, colorful banners with positive messages meant to inspire. Various dress-up days went with the week too.  Each of these days also had activities that corresponded with said dress up days. This year’s included Monday: wear something warm and fuzzy and give out “warm fuzzies” during lunch; Tuesday: wear your favorite team attire and sit by someone new (let no one sit alone); Wednesday: wear a band tee and write a nice note to someone; Thursday: wear mis-matched clothes/hair and do something “crazy nice” for someone else; and  lastly Friday: wear yellow (or a StuCo shirt), and spread sunshine by making new friends.

To end this wonderful week, the entire school was called to a big assembly 7th hour on Friday. During the assembly, awards were given to any student who really stood out by giving kindness, our school’s two retiring janitors Bill Clauser and Sally Wood were honored with gifts and banners, and Marty Powers, who was a former Blackcat himself, was invited to speak to the students. He talked on treating others with kindness by a variety of jokes and games to get students involved. In all, Feel Good Week 2020 was very enjoyable, and we can’t wait to see what next year’s brings!