Publications: 2021 and Beyond

Current publications staffers together at picture day. Come join us!

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Current publications staffers together at picture day. Come join us!

Abigail Stookey, Writer

For three years now, publications — the class which covers both Scratch Pad and Yearbook — has had a group of recurring staff.  While plenty of staff members have come and gone over the years, many of our current staff members have been here from their sophomore to senior year.  The seniors of the yearbook staff have brought us an amazing yearbook each and every year, but they now rapidly approach their graduation.  This will leave us gravely short-staffed, but also with an opening for the new generation of publications staff!

In light of this, we’ve decided to advertise a bit more than usual.  If you have any interest in writing — especially if you plan to join a journalism career at some point in your future — publications is a good way to gain experience and build a writing portfolio, while also being more involved in school events, without many of the leadership responsibilities of other programs such as StuCo or FFA.  You will be expected to have time to attend sports events, as well as conduct interviews if you join Scratch Pad.  You’ll be taught how to operate a professional camera, learn to use several Adobe applications, and gain social and language experience, all while getting to leave your mark on the history of our school.

You can fill out a Publications form here, and you can contact Mrs. C. Cook if you have further questions!  You can ask your own English or digital arts (such as digital photography or multimedia) teachers if you might be a good fit for the class as well.  We’re happy to welcome any new members to our class, whichever you choose to join!