Drive 4UR School


Abbie White

(Going from left to right) Lexie Stamp, Bailey Stamp, and Sara White.

Skylar Tarkington, Editor

On October 7th, Student Council and JROTC held their annual “Drive 4UR School” fundraiser. It’s a very unique fundraiser. To raise money, all you have to do is to test drive a car; it’s that easy. Student Council and JROTC both advertised very well for the fundraiser with posters and abundance of social media posts. Student Council constantly reminded their members every chance they had. Student Council even required members to bring five people to the fundraiser if they wanted points to attend their next big party. Thanks to Drive 4UR School, Student Council is able to do what they do. With this being one of the few fundraisers not making you sell over-priced Christmas wrapping or expensive chocolates, it’s a really popular one. Over a hundred people came this year to help out FHS clubs at the fundraiser. Each person has to be at least eighteen years of age, and for the clubs to get the money, each person must live in a different household. Both clubs greatly appreciate students and the community for participating in the fundraiser.