Elizabeth Smithey, Writer

Dungeons and dragons is a really fun club where the members can interact with each other and new worlds and dimensions through their characters and roleplay. DnD has a friendly environment and sometimes is a little rowdy from excitement and getting fully engaged in the game. It is run by Mr. Daniels on Monday and Wednesday each week. On Monday they have DnD for the more experienced and advanced players, and on Wednesday they have beginning DnD for people who haven’t played before or don’t have much experience.

DnD in the middle of their campaign on one of the last days of DnD. DM Sam Coleman (12) leads Annabell Babbitt (9), Ava McGuire (11), Jessica Lay (12), Will Prater (10), Lynley Long (11), and Blue Williams (12) on this adventure played by all grade levels at FHS. (Elizabeth Smithey)

On Monday they make their DnD characters and dive right into the campaign. The DM (Dungeon Master) will design the whole campaign and plan it out, including the world; they control every aspect of the game. Something to compare them to is basically a god; they even decide whether a character lives or dies and decides on the level of difficulty of the battles inside the campaign. For most of the year, they had a campaign with about eight players. Then they switched DMs, so they had to start a whole new campaign.

Clara Jenkins (12) and Krystian Dennison (12) get in on the fun at DnD Club. (Elizabeth Smithey)

On Wednesday there is DnD for beginners. Most of the time they can chose whether they want to have a campaign or to learn about DnD and how to make characters and such. It is a great club for people who want to play DnD and don’t know how or where to start. It is very laid back, and no one is in any hurry to start the campaign, so the environment is perfect for beginners. At the start of the year, they had a horror one-shot campaign (one or two sessions, usually), which turned into a whole actual campaign that was really fun. It was planned out so well and was really interesting. In the middle of the year, they start having DnD classes with the goal to start a campaign right after, but since Sam Coleman (12) took over as DM for Monday also, they decided to do the same big campaign on both days. Unfortunately for this year, they weren’t able to finish. But on the last day of Learning Zone, they all decided to watch the new DnD movie, which was really good and they all enjoyed it.