Ella’s Gift to the County


Submitted Photo

Ella Sikes holding her winning project

Molly Sikes, Writer

Our very own Madison County has its 200th birthday this year on December 14, and to celebrate, the county held a competition to make a birthday card featuring aspects of the county. The winner of the competition was a freshman from Fredericktown High School, Ella Sikes.

Ella expressed a lot of interest in learning about our town’s history in the process of creating the card. “I liked looking at how the buildings used to look.” Her design featured pictures of and facts about the high school and court house with lights and and a song when the card is opened. She stated that her unique design was probably what set her apart from the competition. Her biggest motivation, however, is something we can all relate to. “I was really determined to win because I wanted to have a pizza party.” Yes, she won a $50.00 cash reward and a pizza party for the class of her choice. She chose to have the party for the art club. As for the cash reward, this winner is choosing a smart path by saving up for a car. Ella really shows what kind of great things can happen when you put yourself out there and involve yourself in the community.