Easton Elrod, Editor

Attention Fredericktown High School: A handful of dedicated students will be performing the play Baby Talk as directed by Mrs. Lewis. The play will consist of one act and shall be performed on February 22nd. Cast members include:

Easton Elrod as Joker

Jerritt Hargis as Meanie

Alyssa Sample as Tattle

Ariahna Green as Boo-Hoo

Will Arras as Jock

Curtis Lewis as I.Q.

Lidia Myers as Prissy

Ruth Walker as Potus

Libby Mooney as Dee Dee

Wyatt Hurley as Timmy

Alyssa Pierson as Mrs. Witherspoon

Ally Crowder as Understudy/Stage Manager

The whole cast is excited to present this comedy and hope to see you opening night!