A 5k Somewhere Familiar: 2019 Home Raider Meet


Maddie Jennings

Junior Aaron Cooper assists sophomore Caleb Cooper on the obstacle course at the home raider meet

Molly Sikes, Editor

On April 13th, the Fredericktown JROTC Raider Team held their annual home raider meet at the high school and the SRT course. The meet consists of several events including a 5k and an obstacle course. 17 teams from all over the Midwest traveled to Fredericktown to participate in this event, more teams than we have ever hosted before.

Out of the 18 teams present, Fredericktown placed 5th overall, getting an average of about 7th place in each individual event. Some notable scores are the obstacle course and the cross country rescue. Fredericktown’s A team scored 1st in the obstacle course with a time of 16:01 and 3rd in the cross country rescue with a time of 12:08. They beat the second place team in the obstacle course by almost an entire minute!

The home raider meet would never happen without the support of the community, though. So many businesses in the area sponsored the event and sponsor the team through all of their events. Make sure you catch the raiders next year, and maybe help out yourself!