Gearing Up for Golf

Victoria Peppers, Writer

Golf season is starting soon, and our team is ready to take on the challenge. This year’s team features only underclassmen, or sophomores and freshmen. Grant Shankle, Gavin Wojtczuk, Daniel Bathe, Mackenzie McMinn, Lane Wagganer, and Levi Burns make up the sophomore portion of the team. Leyton Boswell, Seth McDowell, Wyatt Hinkle, and Ethan Watson are the freshmen playing. Coach Sikes is excited for the players to improve their individual averages over the course of the season. He also said that he’s ready for the team to complete in tournaments because they always have a good time with those. Coach Sikes says that his favorite part about coaching is that he likes getting outside on nice days. Wish the team good luck at their first match on March 27th against Arcadia Valley and North County.