Sunny Enough to Play


Laysha Domingez

Lane and Levi, after an exciting match against Festus

Victoria Peppers, Writer

This season has been a rough one for the FHS Golf Team, as it has been described as a “practice season.” Many of the players had lots of fun playing, even though their scores weren’t as low as they wanted them. Grant Shankle and Mackenzie McMinn, sophomores from the team, both agreed that the weather  played a big part in how the matches turned out. The Crown Point match was their least favorite because of the freezing weather that impacted their playing. All of the players agreed that the season has been about learning how to play and making good memories. This season has definitely been strange for the players as they had no seniors or juniors playing for their team; it was all sophomores and freshmen. The players are hoping to do well and have fun at the District Tournament and get prepared for the seasons to come.