Creating the Imaginable: Minecraft Club

Malayna Elrod, Writer

Minecraft Club has a lot going on this year! What’s recently been a hit in the Minecraft fandom is changing skins. A skin (or otherwise known as texture) is how your character on Minecraft appears. A great resource that the Minecraft Club uses to make skins is You can also get seeds that generate cool worlds too. So you may be wondering “What do they do in Minecraft Club?” Well, they do just about everything! One thing that they do is go on creative mode and build structures and monuments. The most current project they are working on right now is creating a submarine. You can also go on survival mode and try to survive as long as you can by eating, building shelter, and fending off monsters. Lastly, you can play PVP, or player vs. player, on each other’s worlds or on online servers. As Mrs. Jenkins would say, “Minecraft is like Legos on steroids.” The members of the Minecraft Club are Austin Stidham, Garret Graham, Seth Williams, Caden Johnson, Marcus McCleary, and Tyler Sherill.