For a Good Cause


While students are at first lunch, Alyssa Pierson and Colton Francis take time out of their leadership class to sell scrunchies.

Allie Moon, Writer

We all admire those who try to accomplish great things for the benefit of others at great cost to themselves. One of our own seniors, Alyssa Pierson, is pursuing exactly such a noble cause.

Alyssa took on the difficult task of selling all kinds of scrunchies to raise money for the Special Olympics event towards the beginning of the 2018-19 school year around August or September. She is very committed, only taking a single break to focus on her classes when things were starting to slightly overwhelm her, but once she got things sorted out and felt more comfortable as the school year went on, she jumped right back in and started selling for the Special Olympics once again.

She doesn’t  have all of the help in the world, but some of her friends did decide to join in and help with the job, especially when it comes to promoting the sales. Still yet, most of the work is still very much on Alyssa’s shoulders. She has spent a fairly high amount of her own personal time committed to this, although not quite enough time to count as normal job hours.

She got involved because she has participated in Polar Plunge the past few years and she wanted to do something that would be very different than what she had been doing. So, to avoid simply asking for money, she thought it would be a good idea to sell something. That way the people giving their money would get something in return. She decided to sell scrunchies because one of her friends sent her an Amazon post on Instagram of inexpensive scrunchies in large quantities. Her immediate thought was that it would be great to use them as a fund-raising item.

Her goal is to make five hundred dollars by February first. So far, she has made three hundred and fifty dollars. In just one hour, she sold all the scrunchies that she had set out. On another occasion, one girl in particular bought a total of thirty scrunchies!

Good luck reaching your goal, Alyssa Pierson, and great job helping the community and getting the school buzzing with excitement about this upcoming event.