Leaving It All on the Field


Cindy Cook

Number 44 (Colton Jordan) Swiftly Running.

Easton Elrod

Football Homecoming—the one day in the fall season everyone looks forward to. Homecoming consists of many festivities that can detract from the main focus and the reason they all can happen: the Homecoming football game.

This year our persevering Fredericktown Blackcats(1-4) team faced the Potosi Trojans (3-2) on September 15th, 2017. The Fredericktown fans absolutely packed the stands like sardines. Everyone was hyped up and ready for an amazing game.

The game began with the Blackcats running out of the aired-up tunnel, ready to fight for victory. They were prepared, with the crowd on the stands showing their undying support. The game began with excitement, as the Blackcats scored within the first minute. Despite this amazing feat, the game was an uphill  battle with the Trojans taking an early lead. Despite the Blackcats’ efforts, the game snowballed out of their control. The final score was 16-42, in the Trojan’s favor.

Even though the loss was heavy, Homecoming was still a success in most people’s eyes. Our boys tried their best, and will continue to strive to get better.