Skylar Tarkington

Molly Sikes, Justin Rhodes, Cody Phillips, and Jacob Mungle at the home Scholar Bowl meet

Molly Sikes, Writer

On February 1st, Scholar Bowl had a home meet against Bismarck and Arcadia Valley. Even though we did not win most games, some of our team members displayed epic scores, the highest scorer, Carter Corcino (sophomore, junior varsity), averaging at eight questions per game. Here are the individual scores of all players who answered at the meet:

Varsity against Bismarck (lost 310-180):
Cody Phillips (senior) – 7 questions
Easton Elrod (junior) – 3 questions
Mya Robbins (senior), Molly Sikes, Colton Helms, Britin Mercer (juniors) – 1 question each

Junior Varsity against Bismarck (won 100-50):
Carter Corcino (sophomore) – 8 questions
Lidia Myers, Libby Mooney, Daniel Bathe (sophomores) – 2 questions each
Caleb Cooper, Will Arras, Levi Cooper (sophomores) – 1 question each

Varsity against Arcadia Valley (lost 200-160):
Justin Rhodes (senior) – 5 questions
Cody Phillips (senior) – 4 questions
Britin Mercer (junior) – 2 questions
Jenna Martindale-Wood (senior)- 1 question

Junior Varsity against Arcadia Valley (lost 150-140):
Carter Corcino (sophomore) – 8 questions
Alyssa Pierson (sophomore), Hayden Thompson (freshman) – 2 questions each


(Scores provided by Coach Garrity)