Flashy Kicks and Hat Tricks


Hope Turnbeau

Leyton Boswell dribbling the soccer ball

Easton Elrod, Editor

You’ll be kicking yourself for missing the boys’ soccer game September 12th against North County. Even though the first half was rough, the boys figured out how to clean it up and ended up coming back from an 0-2 deficit at the half to win 3-2. You can thank Grant Shankle for two of those three goals, and Skyler Holland for the other. That type of determination and hard work has led the boys to a 3-1 record for the season.

While talking to Grant Shankle and Braxton Counts I learned why they have been so successful this season. In their practices they work hard doing various drills and occasionally scrimmage. I believe the secret, though, is how laid back practices are. Work still gets done but no one is criticized for chatting a little. Braxton believes they will only accumulate two losses this season, while Grant believes they will go positive for sure.

If you are interested in supporting this team and seeing greatness in the making, you can see the team playing in the Hillsboro tournament next. I’m sure they will be successful in future games, and will show Blackcat pride in every game played.