Dancing With Passion: Gold Dusters


Cindy Cook

Skylar sikes, Emilie Goldsmith, and Hope Turnbough pose at the end of their dance routine

Malayna Elrod, Writer

The Gold Dusters were off to a great start for 2019. This year’s team consists of freshmen Paxton Clark, Layni Kinkead, and Trista Wagganer, sophomores Emilee Goldsmith, Madison Jennings, and Stella Steck, junior Mackenzie Rice, and seniors Emily Kuehl, Mackenzie Phillips, Skylar Sikes, Hope Turnbeau, and Lauren Wagganer. At the basketball homecoming pep rally, The girls performed one of  their new dances for the upcoming competition. The hip-hop performance consisted of kicks, rolls, twirls, and more signature moves. The girls did extremely well, and the crowd went wild.

Once a year, they attend a competition in Farmington and they go up against the local schools’ dance teams. Last year, the team managed to place at the Farmington Invitational, and they also placed in  another competition in St. Charles. Skylar Sikes, the main choreographer, states that the dances they perform are either learned at camp, created by outside choreographers, or created by herself and Abbey Miller. Skylar says that the girls work hard as a team and they all get along really well. We have a great team of girls for this school year and hopefully we have more for many years to come. The girls will be dancing at a competition this Saturday, so make sure to wish them luck before then!