Volleyball – A Win, Win

Allie Moon, Writer

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Allie Moon
The varsity team huddles together to celebrate and congratulate each other on the gain of a point in their second set. Since they had lost their first set, winning the second led to the need of a third set. They had a victory overall.


September 23, 2019, was a great day for the Fredericktown junior varsity volleyball players, varsity volleyball players, and their fans. They beat their opponent, Crystal City, in both games. It was very clear during the first junior varsity game that Fredericktown was sure to win. They were ahead during the entire game and never gave Crystal City a chance to catch up. They scored point after point, never easing up. There were endless numbers of great serves from the players and great hits. The girls worked hard as a team every time the ball came their way. The support these players have for each other is unmatched. The players would huddle together and pat each other’s backs every time a point was scored, and they would always tell each other it was all right any time the other team scored a point. The black and gold Fredericktown Blackcats beat the red and white Crystal City Hornets in both sets, two – zero. Great job, ladies!

On the other hand, the varsity game was a much closer call. Crystal City was admittedly a very tough opponent, and it was an outrageously intense game. It seemed that the Hornets were going to win towards the beginning because they stayed at least five or more points ahead during most of the first set, and we even ended up having to go into a third set. But the girls were determined and kept their spirits up, so we got tied up a couple times and pulled through with a win in the end after perseverance, confidence, and a willingness to keep going. The crown was absolutely wild. They hollered ferociously when they thought a call was made incorrectly and cheered with great might anytime the Blackcats scored a point. There wasn’t a hint of quiet in the room when the game ended, Fredericktown being the winners all around.