The Last Games


Mattie Miller

Team members Miley, Abby, Allie, Terri, and Adrian getting a picture with seniors Faith and Kindal after the senior night game.

Being part of a high school sports team can be an incredibly important part of growing up for some people. It’s a childhood hobby that grows into a perfected skill as they carry it through high school and into college, something to gain friendships, memories, and dreams from. You get to laugh from it, cheer for it, and hope for it. This year, three talented seniors who’ve been perfecting this game for years are graduating, leaving them to carry on their careers—both in sports and otherwise. This year’s seniors are Emma Wengler, Kindal Neel, and Faith Kinkead. Senior night was held on October 3rd, competing against St. Clair, and the score for the night was 24-3. The last game of the season was on October 5th. Going up against some tough teams didn’t faze the Ladycats, however; they were still able to end with a record of 9-11.

Emma Wengler waiting for the ball in the outfield. (Mattie Miller)

Emma played softball all four years of high school and plans on continuing her career at Mineral Area College. She has been accepted on a full-ride scholarship to play on their softball team. Emma started playing softball when she was twelve years old. Her favorite memory from softball in high school? It was her freshman year, and Kindal convinced the whole team that Kindal hated her guts; however, on the side they were best friends.

Kindal smiling for a picture. (Mattie Miller)

Kindal played softball for three years of her Fredericktown High School career. Tearing her ACL early in the season of her senior year could have made her quit the team. But she didn’t! She still showed up to every practice and every game, and she was one of the members who always participated in  cheering on her favorite team. She has decided that this will be her last year playing school ball, though, since she does not intend to continue in college.




Senior Faith Kinkead bunting the ball. (photo provided by Faith)

Faith played softball for 2 years of her high school career. Faith was just 8 years old when she first picked up a bat. Her favorite memory from playing softball in high school is making team TikToks. After high school, Faith plans on attending a community college; she’s still undecided as of this moment, so she’s going to get her general studies until she figures out what she wants to do later on.





The Ladycats softball team is going to miss the senior players tremendously, but they are happy at the same time to see them moving on to a new part of their lives.